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Lubaina Himid becomes oldest artist to win Turner prize



This year’s Turner Prize has been awarded to Lubaina Himid. She is the first black woman to receive the prestigious award alongside being the oldest winner to obtain a Turner Prize with 63 years of age. The artist’s work addresses difficult issues such as racial conflicts and slavery legacy. Winning the Turner Prize meant a lot to the Zanzibar born artist, she said: “I won it for all the times where we put our heads above the parapet, we tried to do things, we failed, people died in the meantime … for all the black women who never did win it even though they had been shortlisted … it feels good for that reason.”

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In Place of Hate: Edmund Clark’s new work from Grendon prison


“In Place of Hate” is an exhibition dedicated to Clark’s three years of Artist residency at the only prison in the UK to treat serious and hardened criminals; Grendon. Clark’s work evolves around the life of the inmates as well as their therapeutic sessions that take place. In order to create such content he had to feel himself into the inmates, as he says: “I’ve got involved with them and with the prison.” The exhibition is open now at Ikon Gallery in Birmingham.
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Art Basel Global Director Marc Spiegler Reflects On A Decade With The World's Premier Art Fair

This year’s is Marc Spiegler’s 10th year being the director of the prestigious art fair, currently being held in Miami Beach. He re-inforces the fact that each of the Art Basel fairs (Basel, Hong Kong & Miami) are vital to the art world, as it is not only a trade show, it is a place where each visitor gains something from attending the show ;“A curator that is discovering work at galleries they want to work with, building the shows, building the biennial. For a collector, it’s not only in terms of the works they might buy, but also in terms of the galleries they might discover and want to follow, or artists that they discover and want to follow. For people who have a broader, a different kind of job, it might just be they want to get a sense pretty quickly of what’s happening at a global level. Likewise for a museum director, it might be a great place to discover new patrons for their institutions.”  
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