Pelham Picks

An exclusive look at the most illustrious private views for the week ahead

Tate Switch House Opening 



Tate Modern opened in 2000. On 17 June 2016, Tate will open a new building to display a greater variety of artworks and show more artists from around the world, presenting an increasingly international view of modern and contemporary art.


When: 17th June to 19th June


Roger Hiorns - Untitled (a retrospective view of the pathway)



Ikon and Birmingham Cathedral present a new site-specific work by Birmingham-born artist Roger Hiorns, Untitled (a retrospective view of the pathway) (2016).


Working with the choir of St Philip’s Cathedral, Birmingham, the event sees choristers undertake Choral Evensong whilst lying on their backs on the floor, within the nave of the church, rather than standing to sing in stalls behind the altar. This will be a full service rather than a performance led by The Very Revd Catherine Ogle, Dean of Birmingham, and directed by Canon Marcus Huxley with the congregation seated in the aisles and galleries. The event raises important questions concerning the aesthetics of faith and worship in modern life.


When: 15th and 17th June 2016  5.30pm — 6.30pm


Zabludowicz Collection Invites: Victoria Adam



Victoria Adam is interested in materials, forms and products that are modest and often overlooked. Collecting, copying and remaking approximations of shells, coins, air fresheners, compost, fridge magnets and fossils, Adam draws attention through her astute formal compositions to the things that we brush up against every day. Her sculptural vignettes embody numerous tensions; between the specific and the generic, the clean and the grubby, and the elegant and the raw. 


When: 16th June to 17th July