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The National Gallery will display a statue by Michelangelo next year


A 500-year-old marble statue of Christ will represent the centerpiece of a new exhibition about Michelangelo taking place at the National Gallery next year. The artwork will be moved to London from its permanent home in a monastery in Italy.
The statue of the Risen Christ will be one of the 30 works of the first major exhibition on Michelangelo in more than 20 years. The art show, opening in March 2017, will focus on the great artist’s friendship and collaboration with  the artist Sebastiano del Piombo and their acrimonious falling out.


Via The Telegraph


Review l The Ethics of Dust

The Ethics of Dust is an installation conceived by artist Otero-Pailos and art producers Artangel, which have used a cloth and latex to remove dust and soot from Westminster’s walls.  
Ben Luke gives the artwork 5 stars, stating:
“Profoundly poetic, it is an ephemeral monument composed from trapped particles of soot, skin, soil, paper, textiles and everything else that dust contains, which has slowly built into a rich patina. It’s an everyday accumulation, a testament to a humdrum life beyond the trials, coronation ceremonies and lyings-in-state it has witnessed over the centuries.”


Via The Evening Standard


This week’s auctions at Sotheby have shown the resilience of the art market 


Helena Newman, the co-head of Impressionist and Modern Art for Sotheby’s, had presided over the first sale of the spring season in London last week, bringing $63.7 million for Picasso’s “Femme Assise”(1909) and $56.7 million for Modigliani’s “Jeanne Hébuterne (au Foulard),” two auction records. 
Ms. Newman seems not too worried about the recent political turmoil and Europe’s depressed currency. She said:
“Whatever is going on, if you have something really great or really rare, that will ride out any concerns. There continue to be global collectors who are looking for museum-quality work.” 


Via The International New York Times