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Review I Creative Africa at the Philadelphia Museum of Art

The Philadelphia Museum of Art showcases Creative Afriva, an exhibition made up of five small, tight, concurrent shows of African material. The Philadelphia Museum has installed the project in the Ruth and Raymond G. Perelman Building, a former 1920s insurance headquarters down the hill from the museum’s main location.


Journalist Holland Cotter says of the show: “ people talk about Africa as if it were a unitary thing, one culture, one mind, which it’s not. That’s my only problem with Creative Africa, at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, and my complaint stops with the title. The project itself […] is richly textured, and in one case sensational.”


Via The International New York Times


The National Trust will start giving architectural tours of Croydon 

The National Trust, best known as custodian of some of Britain’s most beautiful country houses, is organizing architectural tours of Croydon to highlight the quarter’s landmarks, such as the NLA House, sometimes known as the ‘threepenny bit,’ the Corbusier-inspired Corinthian House, and St George’s House, or the Nestle building.


“It has this rather insalubrious reputation of being some kind of suburban hell that Londoners should somehow avoid,” said Joseph Watson, the London creative director of the trust. “But actually it is incredibly rich in history, heritage and green space and in our view it has a kind of weird beauty.” 


Via The Guardian 


Warhol Museum Director to join Sotheby’s 

In September Eric Shiner, director of the Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh, will join Sotheby’s new fine art division as a senior vice president, focusing on private sales. Mr. Shiner will be part of the group managed by Amy Cappellazzo, who said: “there is probably not a greater Warhol expert on the planet, Eric has always had entrepreneurial thinking.”


Via The International New York Times