Pelham Picks

An exclusive look at the most illustrious private views for the week ahead

Raqib Shaw Self Portraits

Raqib Shaw is presenting new paintings and sculpture in his latest exhibition Self Portraitsat White Cube Bermondsey. The exhibition will include a series of paintings referencing Old Masters inclusing Girolamo Mocetto, Ludovico Mazzolino, Antonello da Messina as well as three new bronze sculptures that recall the style of the  Renaissance Mannerist period. Shaw himself appears throughout these works in different guises; as the joker, a mime artist, and even a ghoul lying in his own coffin.
Private View: Tuesday 12th July

Performer/ Audience/ Mirror

‘Performer/Audience/Mirror’ at Lisson Gallery celebrates moving image and features work from the 1960s to the present day by eighteen internationally acclaimed artists. The exhibition is organised into three section with each showing a looped showreel of films 


The ‘Performer’ section of the programme highlights the association between performance and film through the works of artists such as Marina Abramović, Gerard Byrne.  The ‘Audience’ programme takes place within Dan Graham’s pavilion, Greek Meander Pavilion, Open Shoji Screen Version a sculptural environment to explore the significance of architecture and space in film.  The ‘Mirror’ programme reflects the social, political and historical significance of film and its potential to act as a mirror on society. 
Private View: Thursday 14th July 

Daniel Sinsel

Using materials ranging from the conventional to unconventional Daniel Sinsel tests and teases apart their aesthetic and symbolic potential. The works probe the distinctions between painting and sculpture, flatness and spatial illusion, bodies and objects.  A formalist sensitivity to shape, colour and texture comes into play with an instinct for the corporeal. See his fifth exhibition at Sadie Coldes Gallery this Thursday.
Private View: Thursday 14th July