Pelham Picks

An exclusive look at the most illustrious private views for the week ahead

Artists’ Film Club: Lucy Beech and Marinella Senatore

This screening at ICA features new and recent work by artists Lucy Beech and Marinella Senatore. Profiling both practices, the screening is followed by a discussion with the artists exploring the variances and similarities in approaches to their work. Working with the body, performance is a central reference point to both artists and is explored to different effect on and off screen. 


Screening and discussion: Wednesday 20th July


Park Nights 2016

Between June and September 2016, Serpentine Galleries presents Park Nights, an annual series of live art, dance, poetry, music, film, literature, performance and theory. This Friday will go on show a performance programme inspired by Dada, devised collectively by the artists, featuring madcap and anarchic objects breaking into song and Finnegan’s Wake, slapstick, whim wham and whazzup fluid. A zebra will be played like a harp: a Zarp. Clothes in a fashion show by the collective George de George Hair cuts Hair will be debuted.    


Evening of performances: Friday 22th July  


Ways of Living Final Day with Curators’ Tour and Performance by Beatrice Loft Schulz 

The exhibition Ways of Living engages artists who occupy and transform spaces; with both emerging and historical artists including Hannah Black, Bernd and Hilla Becher, Jesse Darling, Sharon Hayes, Eva Hesse, Jenny Holzer, Peter Hujar, Juliana Huxtable, Anne Imhof, Beatrice Loft Schulz, Adrian Piper,Hannah Quinlan and Rosie Hastings, Paul Thek, Lena Tutunjian and Holly White. The ninth edition of the Curators’ Series, by Arcadia Missa, a self-organised space in South East London founded in 2011, closes on Saturday.


Curators’ Tour with Arcadia Missa (Rozsa Farkas and Zhoe Granger): 4pm


Performance by Beatrice Loft Schulz: 5pm


Exhibition Tour and Performance: Saturday 23rd July