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World’s largest collection of paper peepshows has been donated to the V&A

The Victoria and Albert Museum has been gifted the world’s largest collection of paper peepshows, depicting events that include Napoleon’s 1812 invasion of Moscow and Queen Victoria’s coronation.


Private collectors Jacqueline and Jonathan Gestetner donated their collection of more than 360 peepshows to the country under the cultural gifts scheme.


Catherine Yvard, special collections curator at the National Art Library, part of the V&A, said: “This collection is a real treasure trove. “Peeping into one of these tunnel books is like stepping into another world, travelling through time and space.”


Via The Guardian 


Bill Viola’s second work for St. Paul Cathedral will be unveiled in September 

US artist Bill Viola has completed the second of two major works for St Paul’s Cathedral — a large-scale video installation showing Jesus in the arms of the Virgin Mary.


The film, Mary, will be installed in the cathedral’s North Quire aisle on September 8 — two years after Viola’s work Martyrs was unveiled in the South Quire aisle. Viola’s works are the first moving-image artworks to ever be placed in a British cathedral on a long-term basis.


Via The Evening Standard 


San Francisco Museum of Modern Art’s new app

According to journalist Lee Rosenbaum, “the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art’s technological transformation has rewritten museums’ rules of engagement, making art more visitor-friendly.”


The museum has indeed launched an app which allows visitors to enjoy nine guided multimedia tours by listening to the voice of celebrities. Rosenbaum does however criticize the initiative stating that:   


“The narrators for the app’s audio tours often come off as cool but unschooled—individuals with interesting professional or personal lives but lacking art smarts. And they tend to be more fatuous than factual, clogging the earbuds with extraneous (occasionally erroneous) details.”


Via The Wall Street Journal