Ruth Asawa

Art on This day
American Sculptor Ruth Asawa known as the “fountain lady” around her native San Fransisco died on this day in 2013.
Asawa experimented with abstract forms from crocheted wire sculptures that appear as three-dimensional line drawing. She learned the basic technique from villagers in Toluca, Mexico who use the technique to make baskets from galvanized wire.
These sculptures brought her to prominence in the 1950s with her work being exhibited in Whitney Museum of American Art and in the 1955 São Paulo Art Biennial. 
In 1962 Asawa began experimenting with tied wire sculptures of images rooted in nature and geometry.Regarded as a ahead of her time using her sculptures to define and interpret space. In 1968 she created a mermaid fountain in Ghirardelli Square, San Francisco mobilizing 200 schoolchildren to mold hundreds of images of the city of San Francisco in dough and which were then cast in iron. She designed other public fountains over the years thus becoming known as the “fountain lady”