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Review | Visions of the Great White South 

An exhibition of the photographs of Captain Scott’s fatal last Antarctic expedition (1910-1913) taken by Herbert Ponting and the beautiful paintings of Edward Wilson will be on display at Bonham’s auctioneers in London this week. 


Curator Charlotte Connelly said of the two artists: “What they have in common is that they’re not just interested in the bald scientific truth, they are very carefully choosing the views for their artistic effect as well.”  


Their work, including original watercolours and spectacular new prints, will be shown alongside contemporary works made by artists in residence in the Antarctic, including Scott’s granddaughter Dafila Scott. 


Visions of the Great White South opens today and runs until August 19.  


Via The Guardian 


Chen Dongsheng has become Sotheby’s biggest investor

Chinese tycoon Chen Dongsheng has recently become Sotheby’s biggest investor. Taikang Life Insurance, of which Mr. Dongsheng is chairman and chief executive, has indeed disclosed last week that it now owns 13.5 percent of Sotheby’s stock. 


“I want to create China’s Sotheby’s, and I want to recreate China’s cultural aristocracy,” Mr. Dongsheng told a Chinese newspaper two years ago. So far, he has not commented publicly on the announcement about Sotheby’s. 


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Frank Hodsoll, who fought for arts funding under President Reagan, has died at 78

Frank Hodsoll, who led the National Endowment for the Arts under President Ronald Reagan, successfully managing the politics of arts funding in a budget-cutting era, died on July 24 in Falls Church, Va. He was 78. 


Following Roger Stevens, Nancy Hanks and Livingston Biddle, Mr. Hodsoll was the fourth chairman of the endowment, which was established by Congress in 1965 to support American artists of various stripes, arts organizations and arts education. 


Via The International New York Times