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Stake in Sotheby’s heralds a cultural revolution

Chen Dongsheng, the Chinese millionaire head of Taikang Life Insurance, has just become the biggest shareholder in the auction house Sotheby’s. Chen now holds a 13.5 per cent stake in the auction house, valued at £175 million.


Chen’s wife, Kong Dongmei, whom he married in 2011, is Mao Zedong’s granddaughter. The couple were ranked 242 in New Fortune magazine’s list of the wealthiest people.


This announcement is seen as an indicator of China’s swelling influence in the art world. It is part of a trend of the growing role of Chinese buyers at major auctions and governmental plans to expand the country’s cultural sector.


Via The Times


British artists reveal their Rio 2016 posters 

Tracey Emin, David Shrigley, Sam Taylor-Johnson and other British artists have unveiled the posters they’ve made for Team Great Britain. 


“This was a curious commission, given the constraints that surround the Olympic symbol – namely, the fact that you’re not actually allowed to use it,” says Taylor-Johnston. Instead, the artist decided to take the Olympic torch and turn it into an ice cream. See his and others’ creations over at the Guardian.


Via The Guardian 


Brighton’s sleek new observation tower opens tomorrow 

British Airways i360, a $46 million “vertical pier”, opens tomorrow to the public. Its doughnut-shaped viewing platform is 138 meters up and holds 200 people. On a clear day, you can see the coast of France and even Isle of Wight.


The structure was designed by Marks Barfield, the same architects behind the London Eye. “Everyone loves a great view,” David Marks. “Before the London Eye opened it was called a white elephant. Now it is greatly loved by most Londoners and I hope the same thing will happen in Brighton.”


Via The Times