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Andrei Tarkovsky’s Polaroid photographs to be auctioned 

Polaroids taken by film director Andrei Tarkovsky, shot in Russia and Italu when he was working on his film Nostalghia are to be auctioned. The images are being sold by sold by his Son Andrey who is also his archivist at Bonhams auction house in October, Many of the images are technically flawed, blurry hazed with light spill or with fading colour but have the eerie atmosphere of many of the directors films.


The Polaroids were intensely personal to the director, always having his camera at hand and carrying his entire collection of Polaroids with him everywhere he went. The images were personally chosen and he routinely burned the ones he was dissatisfied with.


Via the Guardian

‘Women of Abstract Expressionism’ Review: Blowing Up the Boys’ Club

The Denver Art Museums latest show Women of Abstract Expressionism is the first show to focus on the topic. Karen Wilkon reviews the show saying
“The show raises provocative questions, such as “does women’s abstraction of the 1950s differ from men’s?” The curators suggest that women were more willing to allow references to specific experience into their work and cite titles as evidence, even though they were usually attached after the fact.”


Via the Wall Street Journal

How France and Monaco Inspired Francis Bacon

Francis Bacon spent three years in Monaco where he developed his best-known pictorial theme: the “screaming” popes, inspired by the Velázquez masterpiece “Portrait of Innocent X”. These years in Monaco are the focus of “Francis Bacon: Monaco and French Culture”, which is at the Grimaldi Forum in Monte Carlo until September 4th. It will then open on September 30th at the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao, where it will be an expanded version that also highlights Bacon’s Spanish influences.


There are 66 oil paintings by Bacon on show, along with a dozen works by Picasso, Soutine and other artists who worked in France and inspired him.


Via The International New York Times