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Czech factory once used by Oskar Schindler to house the 1,200 Jews he saved is to be turned into a Holocaust museum 

A Czech factory once used by Oskar Schindler to house the 1,200 Jews he saved with his famous list is to be turned into a Holocaust museum.


The old textile factory in the central village of Brnenec now lies in a state of rack and ruin after shutting down 12 years ago, but in 1944 it was the destination of the hundreds of Jews Schindler saved from almost certain death in the Holocaust.


After years of negotiation, the factory now belongs to the Endowment Fund for the Memorial of the Shoah and Oskar Schindler, a Czech organisation dedicated to preserving the memory of the Holocaust and the author of the list.


“Our main goal is to get the building, actually the whole area, back to its original appearance,” Jaroslav Novak, from the fund, told Novinky, a Czech news website. “That includes watchtowers, the hospital and the concentration camp.” 


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Young at art: the story of Unit London

After three years of struggles and pop-up galleries, Jonny Burt and Joe Kennedy now have a permanent art space in Soho they opened without financial backing.


The two guys met in the same art class at Latymer Upper School in Hammersmith, and after school went their separate ways. When they connected again, they shared their respective frustrations about the art industry and decided to create “a gallery that would be open, inclusive, accessible to people but also showcase amazing talent, the artists we really believe in.”


Being extremely successful on social media, Johnny and Joe initially found their artists on the Internet and art collectors eventually end up finding them. Their latest exhibition Jake Wood-Evans: Subject and Discipline opens this Friday.


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Banksy ‘bootcamp’ will teach aspiring street artists to make their mark

Students at the “Fire Starter” course, staged in Bristol, where Banksy first displayed his graffiti work, and London, will be schooled in the guerilla artist’s “operational methods.”


Banksy strategies such as “Designed Intervention” and “Conscious Opportunism” will be discussed by associates of the artist at the day-long courses, which will teach hopefuls how to “cut through” and make political statements with their work.


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