Frans Hals

Art on This Day


Frans Hals, a Dutch Golden Age portrait painter, was died on this day in 1666 in Haarlem, Netherlands.


 He is notable for his loose painterly brushwork, and he helped introduce this lively style of painting into Dutch art. Hals played an important role in the evolution of 17th century group portraiture. In his group portraits, he captures each character in a different manner. The faces are not idealized and are clearly distinguishable, with their personalities revealed in a variety of poses and facial expressions.


 Hals’ work remains popular today, particularly with young painters who can find many lessons about practical technique from his unconcealed brushstrokes. Hals’ works have found their way to countless cities all over the world and into museum collections. A primary collection of his work is displayed in the Frans Hals Museum in Haarlem.