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Pink Floyd reunite for V&A blockbuster as band members scour their attics for memorabilia

The surviving members of Pink Floyd are working together again on a  retrospective exhibition at the V&A to celebrate the 50th anniversary of their first single.


The exhibition will promise an “immersive, multi-sensory, theatrical journey” through the life of Pink Floyd, including a laser light show handwritten lyrics, instruments original artworks and previously unseen Pink Floyd concert footage. Alongside the 350 objects on display they will be also be utilising cutting-edge technology to transform galleries into the “underground psychedelic scene” of the Sixties.


Via the Telegraph

Dinh Q Lê: The Colony, exhibition review – Beauty shines amid dung and drones in this dark history of a hidden gold rush

The Vietnamese artist Dinh Q Lê’s  three-screen video installation, on the site of a former Peckham cinema, depicts the conflicts for Guano  the accumulated excrement of seabirds used as a powerful fertiliser. The uninhabited Chincha islands off the Peruvian coast prompted a war between Spain and its former colonies Peru and Chile in the 1860s. Lê’s installation uses the Chinchas to obliquely evoke China’s aggression in the South China Sea today. 


The birds represent the centuries-old natural cycles of the Chinchas, before the islands witnessed a bleaker human history conjured so oppressively by Lê.


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Björk Digital exhibition is little more than a plug for her album - review

Icelandic Musician Bjork has opened the immersive virtual reality exhibition Digitial Bjork. Based around tracks from singer’s 2015 album Vulnicura,  Digital Björk dispenses with the idea of a physical gallery. Mark Hudson gives the show 2 stars saying,


“ Although there are moments of beauty, you may leave this exhibition with the feeling that you’ve been had – even if you’re a major fan. Either way, the proprietors of real, physical galleries don’t have too much to worry about. This is essentially a glorified album promotion which requires the punter to pay handsomely (£15 full price) for the privilege of taking part.”


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Artists’ flames mark 350th anniversary of Great Fire of London

Londoners may be horrified to see flames flickering in the heart of the city this weekend, reflected in the Thames and apparently licking at the dome of St Paul’s – but the flames are the creations of artists, celebrating the 350th anniversary of the most devastating fire in the capital’s history.