Karel van Mander

Art on This Day
A Flemish painter, poet, art historian and art theoretician Karel van Mander I, also known as Carel van Mander I, died on this day in 1606 in Amsterdam.
Karel van Mander settled down in Haarlem in 1583 where he founded an informal academy with other artists and developed the movement known as ‘Dutch Mannerism’. He had many pupils, including Frans Hals. Unlike other Dutch artists who had never used models before, pupils learned to draw from life. Also, his Mannerism included figures in elaborate poses and compositions with compressed spatial depth.
Van Mander’s main impact was as an art historian and art theoretician. His most important work 'Het Schilderboeck’ (Book of Painters), first published in Haarlem in 1604, remains the main source for information on Northern European painters of the 15th and 16th century and contains valuable original material about his Italian contemporaries. The book plays a major role midst art-historical sources today.