Weekly Roundup

Our favourite art world images from the week


The exhibition, Jean Tinguely — Machine Spectacle at the Stedelijk Museum of contemporary art and design is seeking to remind us how revolutionary and countercultural the Swiss artist Jean Tinguely’s artworks were.


Victorian conjuror's collection goes on show at British Library. The Great Evanion, then down on his luck, sold photographs, tickets, playbills and posters to library in 1895.


 British Museum has unveiled a print created by Andy Warhol in 1972, featuring Robert Nixon to be included in The American Dream exhibition, opening in March.



Agnes Martin exhibition at  Guggenheim Museum rotunda in the most out-of-this-world-beautiful retrospective.



The “Crystal Cloud” installation, created by Andy Cao and Xavier Perrot, at the Swarovski Crystal Worlds museum in Wattens, Austria. Swarovski, which has been making crystals for more than a century, is refashioning itself as a tech company.


A Bigger Book, TASCHEN’s SUMO-sized David Hockney monograph, takes stock of more than 60 years the artist's work.

New book showcasing David Hockney’s best work to date: A Bigger Book. The Limited edition has 450 prints dating back to 1953 and weighs 35 kilos – the equivalent of an armchair – and comes with its own adjustable book stand.


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