Mokarrameh Ghanbari

Art on This Day
Mokarrameh Ghanbari was born in 1928 in Darikandeh village, Mazandaran Province in the North of Iran.

A self-confessed passion since childhood for creative patterns and designs, resulted in her experimenting with mud and clay. Her interest then extended to bridal make-up for women from nearby villages. Most fascinating of all, however, is that she began painting on paper, as she does today, at the ripe old age of 70.

Unable to read and write, she began painting without any formal training. She even painted on the walls, doors and windows of her residence. Her painting of Imam Reza has found its way into the houses of many people of Darikandeh village. A large painting of Imam Reza's Shrine, which is about 150x100 cm (60x40 in), is kept in a local Husseinieh, where it is respected and revered by the local people .

Mokarrameh's first painting exhibition was held in Seyhoun Art Gallery in 1995, Tehran.  She subsequently held several such exhibition in the same gallery (1996, 1997. 1998, 2001).

She won the jury's special award at the Roshd Film Festival along with a special prize of the art-literature village festival; also she was chosen as the women of the year 2001 by 12th International Conference of Iranian Women's Studies Foundation.
"Mokarrameh - dreams and memories " is the name of a documentary regarding her life and works, directed by well-known Iranian director, Ebrahim Mokhtari. It has been screened at several international festivals.
She died at the age of 77 on October 24 2005 and is buried in the courtyard of her house in Iran.