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Iran Cancels Long-Awaited Exhibition of Shah Collection Art in Berlin



After facing many hurdles—including delays due to political complications—an exhibition of about 60 artworks from Tehran’s Museum of Contemporary Art (TMoCA) scheduled to go on view in Berlin has now been postponed indefinitely.


Despite its slated opening on December 4 at Berlin’s Gemälde Galerie, Iranian authorities have failed to allow the works to leave the country, leaving a stream of questions in their decision’s wake. The collection originally destined for Berlin is extensive in covering different periods of art history, including French impressionism and American pop art, and is renowned as being one of the most impressive collection of modern art anywhere outside Europe and the US. Among the paintings that were due to go on view were Jackson Pollock‘s Mural on Indian Red Ground (1950) and Francis Bacon‘s triptych Two Figures Lying on a Bed With Attendants (1968). Also included were 30 Iranian artworks by Faramarz Pilaram, Behjat Sadr, and Mohsen Vaziri Moghaddam.


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Anti-Castro Artist El Sexto Arrested in Havana Ahead of Art Basel 


Anti-Castro street artist Danilo Maldonado Machado, known as El Sexto, was violently arrested on Saturday morning in Havana, Cuba. No official charges or record of his arrest have been made available.

As state authorities forcefully entered his apartment in the Arroyo Arenas area of Havana, the artist – who was arrested and jailed without a trial in December 2014 for “disrespect of the leaders of the revolution,” and again in March.


He also called the Miami New Times to report the impending arrest. Last week, El Sexto had been attempting to exit Cuba for Art Basel Miami. The artist had been cleared to travel by officials, but he was “marked” at the airport and not allowed to leave the country. Gallery Agerled from Denmark is set to exhibit some of his paintings at the Art Concept Miami fair. El Sexto’s work is also featured in “La Libertad Artística,” a group show in Miami featuring work by 13 Cuban artists, where he was scheduled for a performance on December 3. Additionally, a documentary about the artist is premiering on HBO today, titled Patria O Muerte: Cuba, Fatherland, or Death, produced by Julian Schnabel.


After the recent death of Fidel Castro this past Friday, political activists in Cuba are laying low. The Ladies in White—a movement comprised of female relatives of imprisoned dissidents in Cuba, who peacefully protest every Sunday—for example, called off its protest yesterday to avoid tensions, the BBC reports. It was the first Sunday in 13 years that the group refrained from attending Sunday mass wearing white and silently marching through the streets.


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Son of Punk Legends Sets Fire to Millions of Dollars of Memorabilia



More than $6 million worth of punk memorabilia went up in flames on Saturday, a statement against the nostalgia and commodification of punk on the 40th anniversary of the Sex Pistols’ “Never Mind the Bollocks, Here’s the Sex Pistols.” Firefighters looked on as a barge floating on the Thames river in London was set ablaze by Joe Corré, the son of the late Malcolm McLaren of Sex Pistols fame, and fashion designer Vivienne Westwood.


Corré and Westwood both spoke to crowds, the former from the boat packed with Corré’s collection of ephemera, and the latter from a bus sporting a banner advertising The activist mother-and-son duo both spoke on the urgency of ethical consumption and saving the environment, besides Corré emphasizing his motives.


The entire event was livestreamed online under the Youtube account under the name Burn Punk London, which also includes clips of Corré’s and Westwood’s speeches. As nothing less than an elaborate theatrical ignition was appropriate, Corré set fire to a “band” of DIY mannequins wearing his vintage punk clothing, called “The Extinctions,” complete with printout faces of British politicians.


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