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Ben Turnbull ‘No Guts No Glory’ at Saatchi Gallery




New works produced by this London-based artist present a narrative following young American G.I.'s at war - from departure to homecoming ‘No Guts No Glory’ is the most recent solo exhibition comprised of various mixed media works by the London-based artist Ben Turnbull at Saatchi Gallery from 11 April – 8 May 2017.

The show produces a sequential visual story following young American G.I.’s, documenting their experience from departure to homecoming. Marrying themes of heroism, sacrifice and human purpose with popular Americana, Turnbull has used all-American artefacts, including flags, comics, toys and military attire, to create this ‘Memorial Pop’ exhibition in London.


PV: Wednesday 12 April, 7-9pm



Richard Tuttle's

The Critical Edge

 at the Pace Gallery




Pace London is opening The Critical Edge, an exhibition of recent works in fabric by Richard Tuttle. The show will be on view from 13 April to 13 May 2017 at 6 Burlington Gardens.


A collector of textiles from around the world, Tuttle has focused and expanded his knowledge beyond his collection to understanding the intrinsic qualities of the material. The Critical Edge features a series of seven recent works assembled from layers of vibrant fabric. The delicate works continue Tuttle’s exploration of materiality, space, and three-dimensionality. Together with geometric abstraction, the embroidery of each fabric piece blurs the line between background and structure while the subtle falling of the cloth seems to breathe life into the works, hereby stimulating the senses and evoking ideas of sensuality. 


PV: Wednesday 12 April, 6-8pm