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In this episode of 'Brilliant Ideas' by Bloomberg, British sculptor Phyllida Barlow, 73 years old, is getting ready for the biggest show of her career, after she was commissioned by the British Council to represent the the United Kingdom at the Venice Biennale. The artist has been making art since the 1960s, but has only found public recognition in the last few years.




In light of their most recent exhibition on plywood, the 'material of the modern world', the Victoria & Albert Museum crafted a short explicative video on the manufacturing process of plywood. This exhibition will features pieces by Alvar Aalto, Marcel Breuer and Charles and Ray Eames, but also every day objects to show how this often overlooked material shaped the modern world. Plywood has also helped revolutionize design over the last 150 years with its unique combination of lightness, strength and flexibility. 



Tate Modern's newest exhibition 'Soul of a Nation: Art in the Age of Black Power' shines a light on the contribution of Black artists to a dramatic period in American art and history. In this short video, Filmmaker and actress Zawe Ashton visits conceptual artist Lorraine O’Grady in New York City to learn more about her work’s exploration of black female subjectivity. Born in 1934, Lorraine O'Grady is a New York based artist and critic, who works in conceptual and performance art, using photo and video in her installation. Her work explores the cultural construction of black female identity and can be currently seen in this exhibition.