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How to Navigate a Museum

Natasha Schlesinger, art historian, curator and creator of ArtMuse, a company that provides private tours of museums and galleries in New York and Europe gives her best advices to make the most of a museum visit. First and foremost, it is important to set a time limit to avoid sensory overload. Eating before the visit is also a good way to be concentrated. To focus on only one area in bigger museums is better to have a more fulfilling trip. Finally, using audio guide or considering a private guide is great to learn more in depth on the artworks.
Via: The New York Times

Richard Gerstl, Neue Galerie, New York — mesmerising

A show at the Neue Galerie in New York finally gives the Austrian painter Richard Gerstl the recognition he craved during his lifetime. This exhibition also raises the question of the relationship between art and madness. The profoundly unhappy painter had an affair with Mathilde Schönberg, his friend’s wife and killed himself after the adultery relationship was discovered by the husband. Richard Gerstl made several paintings of Mathilde, all without sexual nor emotional intimacy. The exhibition is running until the 25th of September.
Via: The Financial Times     

After Azadi: man behind Iran's freedom tower on how his life unravelled

In 1966, architect Hossein Amanat who just graduated from Tehran University won a competition to design a monument to mark the 2,500-year celebration of the founding of the Persian Empire organized by the shah of Iran. The 50-metre tall structure became part of Tehran’s skyline. After the 1979 revolution, there was a crackdown on the Bahá’í faith, which Amanat practises. As his name was put on a death list, he fled Iran, never to return since. Today, the Bahá’ís are still persecuted in Iran because of their faith.
Via: The Guardian