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Art Auction Sales: Frieze Art Fair London

When the first Frieze Art Fair was staged in London(2003), the fair's organisers could hardly have imagined that the big, global auction house (Christie's) would abandon its high summer season contemporary art sales and alter their calendar schedule around Frieze. The result was that by Saturday night, the Frieze week auctions had reached a record $292 million. 

 Via: The Telegraph


London Seeks to Prove Frieze Week Isn't Just for V.I.P.s

 What has come to be known as Frieze Week is the time the international arts world converges on London, drawing an elite and global crowd.  But there are also Frieze Weeks's satellite fairs where discoveries can be found at a range of prices. One of them, the 1:54 Contemporary African Art Fair, featured 42 exhibitors and the Ghana-based dealership Gallery 1957 found a British buyer who paid £17,500 for an imposing 2010 painting by Godfried donkor. This year also saw the first Peckham Internsational Art Fair which attracted as many as 1,000 people with no V.I.P. exclusive invitation.

Via: The New York Times