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German artist Hito Steyerl tops ArtReview's (worthy) Power 100

The ArtReview Power 100, has just been revealed—and the no.1 spot has gone to a rather unlikely candidate, the German artist and film-maker Hito Steyerl. “Art is powerful. Or at least it’s the construct of powerful forces, not always of the positive kind," Steyer said. Other important artists pop up on the list of key players including Pierre Huyghe (no.2), Kara Walker (no.56) and Kerry James Marshall (no.68).

Via: The Art Newspaper


“There are black, brown, yellow, green, purple fogs,” Monet once expressed the unique properties of London's fog while living there in exile - and used it to spectacular effect. It's as if the bricks and mortar are dissolving into air. This exhibition presents captivating works by Monet, Tissot and Pissarro.
Impressionists in London is now at Tate Braitain until 7 May 2018.