#PelhamPics vol 9

Pelham's Art Industry News

Quote of the Week

"A return to the 19th century - with electricity."
Sean Scully unpicks life under lockdown for Harper's Bazaar US.

Media Brief

  As New York gears up to reopen (officially) next week, some artists are taking the opportunity to exhibit their work outdoors, as part of Drive-By-Art (Public Art in This Moment of Social Distancing), across rural parts of Long Island.
The Art Newspaper's Anny Shaw and Anna Brady report that UK galleries and auction houses may reopen as early as 1 June, with the government agreeing to recognise them as “non-essential retail”.  
  Over at Artnet, see visitors beginning to enjoy museums under COVID-19 restrictions as lock-down in some areas lift, and institutions start to open their doors. 
'Making art is inevitable for me. It is an addiction' - read how artists like Kristof Kintera are adapting to working under lockdown, with insight into the current working practices of Sean Scully, Polly Apfelbaum, Modupeola Fadugba and Joiri Minaya amongst others, over on Harper's Bazaar US.  
  Gender is (re)defining the magazine world this week, with the announcement that AnOther and AnOther Man will now merge 'to create a biannual print title that addresses all gender identities', whilst the the edgy new Boy.Brother.Friend publication launches as an 'invitation to cross-examine intersectionality, male identities and transnational cultures in the world today.

Virtual Art News

'Hats off to Nazy Vassegh' says the Financial Times' Melanie Gerlis -the founder of the Eye of the Collector fair has announced they will open virtually (until May 31). The fair’s first, real-life edition was originally planned in London this week, now scheduled for September. 'In its place is a simple, good-looking online show, ' explains Melanie, 'which proves a rare two-dimensional treat'. See more here.  
  Brian Boucher writes about the ups and downs of Frieze Viewing Room (running until 15 May), highlighting its "price transparency, free admission, and cleaner navigation" for Architectural Digest
Finally, in Apollo, Gareth Harris questions if online viewing rooms really are the future of the art market? Speaking to various collectors, they assert that technical specifications must be top-notch, and buyers will only commit with prior knowledge of the artist.  

Social Media

  "When I open Instagram, I might see a mini history lesson followed by a meme and then a performance. Chances are I’ll be impressed by someone’s creativity". Jillian Steinhauer from The New York Times gives her selection of 'Five Artists to Follow on Instagram Now'.
The Tate Modern turned 20 on Monday, and asked followers to share their fondest memory in the gallery on Instagram using #TateModernTurns20. Olafur Eliasson's 2003 #WeatherProject appears to have become the defining image of the past 20 - but what will be the next?  

Weekend Listening + Reading + Watching


Need weekend movie inspo? - leading creators and curators discuss the films that get the artistic life right for the WSJ - including the 'unconventional love story about the artist couple Ushio and Noriko Shinohara', "Cutie and the Boxer"


For me, beauty is what works — the way an odd baseball swing produces a 300 hitter is beautiful, or how Goya’s Saturn Devouring His Son is beautiful. Yes, it’s probably harder to eat in a pandemic when you can’t cook. But we don’t feel deprived eating food stored in Tupperware'. Critic Jerry Saltz uses his questionable eating habits to begin a deep dive into a difficult past, in a heart-wrenching but humorous long read for Vulture.





Is your lockdown cuisine in need of a lift? Lucy Davies reveals some offbeat recipes from art’s all-time greats from Dalí to Warhol in The Telegraph.  
   In this week’s edition of the ArtTactic Podcast, listen to Carolyn Ramo, executive director of Artadia, sharing her perspective on how artists are being impacted - financially, creatively and more - by the current COVID-19 pandemic, and how we might help.