#PelhamPicks vol 14

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Quote of the Week

'An Amazon art world sounds more like hell than heaven'

Art Basel's Marc Spiegler says what we're all thinking, in an op-ed for the Financial Times 

Media Brief

'The pandemic has shown us that the art world needs to catch up with the digital innovations so many other sectors have to a variable degree already embraced' - Edward Tyler Nahem, director of his eponymous New York gallery, speaks to ARTnews on the occasion of Art Basel's second OVRs - already reporting 'robust sales for top dollar works'  
  The Telegraph's Lucy Davies reports on Britain’s 'plucky small museums' leading the way out of crisis, explaining how local loyalty – and bold decisions – might save these beloved galleries. Meanwhile the Art Fund has released £2m in Covid-19 crisis support grants to reopen UK museums and 'prevent immediate insolvency', including a new initiative producing UK touring exhibitions from the collections of 12 institutions. 
Hyperallergic considers the 'contentious history of NYC's Columbus monuments' as thousands call for their removal, listing 'all of NYC’s Columbus statues, how they came to be, and how they were challenged over the years'.  
  As the Metropolitan Museum of Art plans to reopen as a safe space for New Yorkers, curators are beginning to think about how exhibitions can be designed to be trauma-aware, reports The New York Times. Looking to find works to help visitors soothe their post-Covid anxieties, they point to scenes of 'domestic tranquillity' like Honoré Daumier’s “The Laundress” (1863), or 'resilience 'like Faith Ringgold’s “Street Story Quilt” (1985).
'He didn’t hide who he was and underestimated the power of word of mouth' Artnet's Eileen Kinsella speaks to locals in Port Vila, Vanuatu - an island nation in the South Pacific - where the fugitive "wunderkind dealer" Inigo Philbrick was discovered last Friday, before being deported and sent into federal custody  

Virtual Art News

  In light of the mass student degree show cancellations, Jan Dalley at the Financial Times overviews two more "imaginatively proactive approach[es]" to final exhibitions, including Liverpool John Moores University's 'Degree Show on Mars' and the longstanding online platform New Blood Art.
What's that coming over the hill?': From melted cars and stampeding dinosaurs to a time-travelling bungalow, TheGuardian.com shares highlights from the first ever virtual exhibition of Photo Basel.  

Social Media

  'Instagram, you are making a huge mistake. You are wrongly penalising the very same creative community that makes your app the success that it is." - As part of The Art Newsaper's monthly Insta’ gratification blog, Aimee Dawson considers the platform's overzealous use of censorship and its impact on the art world - particularly for the many photographers and digital artists depicting the human form. 
WSJ reports on 'the art of FaceTime portraiture' with a piece on painter John Bjerklie and his alter ego, ‘BigHat,’ who have 'taken to video chat to connect with and create portraits of colleagues around the globe'.

Follow the sessions and their results on Instagram - @johnbjerkliearts_bighat.

Weekend Listening + Reading + Watching

  LISTEN: This week on the FT's Cultural Call podcast Tyler Mitchell, a 25-year-old photographer, filmmaker and political artist who shot to fame when he photographed Beyonce for the September issue of American Vogue in 2018, discusses his work,  'black freedom' and the Black Lives Matter movement. 
READ: The New York Times' fully interactive deep delve into Robert Frank's 1955 photograph Trolly—New Orleans - titled 'A Portrait of America'.  
  And something to do: Whilst UK art museums remain closed, Hettie Judah overviews some of the best outdoor art offerings you can survey right now, including Folkestone Artworks, comprised of over 70 commissions permanently on view. Plot your summer outings and read the full roundup in the i newspaper.