PelhamPicks vol 18

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Quote of the Week


'An octopus is guiding a cruise ship. President Trump is sitting on a crescent moon.'

The NY Times unpicks Gov. Cuomo’s “New York Tough” COVID-19 poster (offering an unofficial byline for our era in the process)

Media Brief

It was another week where public art seemed to captivate (if not divide) the world, with both Banksy and Marc Quinn illicitly installing their own works. Perhaps the most controversial was Quinn's, who replaced the now toppled Edward Colston stature in Bristol; many praised the work for supplanting the monument to a slave owner with a resin of Jen Reid - a  black female BLM campaigner - whilst others considered it a problematic PR stunt.  
  Nicola Davis from The Guardian reports that researchers are now turning to art to unpick how produce has changed over the centuries. Requesting the public to send in imagery of fruitfull canvases - from Clara Peeters' grapes to Cézanne’s apples - they are hoping for more insight into the evolution of our fruit and veg. 
'Working in an art gallery without being tempted to buy art is akin to working in a chocolate factory and never getting a sweet toothArtsy asks 19 international gallerists to share their love for collecting, with Edward Tyler Nahem and Schoeni Projects' Nicole Schoeni both offering up their gems.  
  Banksy unveils his 'If You Dont Mask, You Don't Get' on the London Underground (Circle Line to be exact), reports BBC News. Seemingly an ode to mask wearing, the piece was quickly removed by diligent cleaners; but the video's Chumbwumba soundtrack remained in heads for days.
As Andrew Cuomo 'ascends to the mountaintop' with his newly launched 'Pandemic Poster' The NY Times' Jason Farago considers the 'retro political artwork' and asks, 'is it art?'  

Virtual Art News

  Organisers of Frieze London and Frieze Masters announced the cancellation of the October fair "in light of continued unprecedented challenges regarding Covid-19”. "The London fairs will revert to an online-only format" reports Scott Reyburn from The New York Times, adding that "dealers remained uncertain that the gallery shows of “Frieze Week” would go ahead without its destination fairs."
The Serpentine Galleries have launched their Future Art Ecosystems: Art x Advanced Technologies report, focusing on technologies’ impact on the arts. Offering up various proposals for rebuilding the sector in the near future, Artnet rounds up some of the takeaways.  

Social Media

  For VultureTrupti Rami speaks to those behind @changethemuseum: a new Instagram calling out racial prejudice, discrimination, and harassment in US museums and cultural institutions. Since launching on June 16, the account has aquired a staggering 22,000 followers, sharing more than 230 anonymous, first-person testimonies: “We believe that for the changes to be meaningful they are going to be different for each institution."

Weekend Listening + Reading + Watching

WATCH: For those in the UK, 'Keith Haring: Street Art Boy' is available now on IPlayer. The definitive story of the international art sensation, the documentary is told using previously unheard interviews.  
  READ: Hettie Judah asks "can comedy ever be art?" in her article for The Guardian exploring "farty paintings and getting sozzled on gin".
LISTEN: Artnet's Art Angle Podcast speaks to artist and political activist Hank Willis Thomas, in which he discusses how striving to address society's injustices in his art.