#PelhamPicks vol 21

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Quote of the Week

"Often the most powerful person in the room is the person in the background"


Artist Thomas J Price discusses his new public sculpture - one of only three public sculptures of black women in UK – via The Guardian

Media News

Critics at The New York Times review Beyoncé's new visual album "Black is King" - art critic Jason Farago points out the singer's evident passion for African Art, with influences from performance art and traditional artefacts apparent throughout, including references to Yoruba masks and nods to the Ethiopian photographer Aïda Muluneh.


New research suggests that abstract art has qualities that can literally change our mindsets, and prompt us to let the minutia of day-to-day life fall away, reports Inverse. “Art has an effect on our general cognitive state, that goes beyond how much we enjoy it, to change the way we perceive events and make decisions,” explains study co-author Daphna Shohamy, an associate professor of psychology at Columbia University.  
  A new 'business venture' funded by Marc Glimcher and Laurene Powell Jobs will bring together experiental artists including JR, James Turrell, teamLab and Es Devlin to its inaugural exhibition space in Miami this December. The 'network' - called Superblue - will populate a number of 'experiential art centres' ('EACs') opening up across United States, Europe and Asia, in a bid to provide ticketed 'Infinity Room'-esque experiences for visitors, reports The New York Times.
'What I Buy & Why' Real-Estate Mogul Jorge Pérez - who recently opened Espacio23 in Miami - talks to Artnet about his art collection and first time purchase exchanged over a dorm-room poker game back in college.  
   Samuel Reilly peers into the world of private collectors taking restitution into their own hands, for Apollo. Speaking with Mark Walker, who repatriated inherited Benin Bronzes back to Nigeria, he explains his hope that these actions may pave the way for others to follow suit in the future.
Read Philip Dodd's 'diary of an art globetrotter' and contemplate the new normal, as the curator and broadcaster reflects on his international life pre and post lock-down for the Financial Times.  


The Beirut art scene has been rocked this week by the city's devastating and deadly explosions, reports ARTnews, as a Sursock Museum spokesperson warns ‘'the whole city has witnessed unprecedented damage’.



Virtual News

VOMA - the world's first fully interactive virtual museum - will launch this August, reports Hypebeast, and will be free for all. The Virtual Online Museum of Art is curated by Museum Director Lee Cavaliere and constructed from scratch by artist Stuart Semple. VOMA will present works from some of the world’s most prestigious institutions, including the Musée d’Orsay, Whitney Museum of American Art, the Museum of Modern Art, New York and the Art Institute of Chicago.                                                                                           

The Art Newspaper has announced the launch of its new Art & Technology section, which will review XR apps and experiences using 'a guest panel of experts'. The section aims to 'analyse what is out there, how good it is, and what it offers to artists—and what it promises to the wider art world in new distribution models and fresh ways of attracting (online) visitors and buyers'. Will others follow suit?


Social Media

Time’s up for TIK TOK. Amid increasing uncertainty around TIK TOK’s future in the US and globally, Instagram has launched its short form video rival, Reels in 50 countries. The Verge examines how Reels lets people create original content set to music or dialogue that can be created and shared within the app.


Weekend Listening + Reading + Watching

LISTEN: This Friday 7 August, the Showroom in London launches the first instalments from its new online project IN·FLO·RES·CENCE. Ten musicians from across the globe have created new compositions in response to daily life during the pandemic, interpreted and performed by Cuban New York-based Pianist and Composer Elio Villafranca. Expect innovative musical pieces alongside a host of conversations between the musicians and special guests.

READ: About the MoMA's plans for the mysterious Exhibition X (in response to WWII) and their penchant for turtle soup in Atlas Obscura's 'Plumbing the Secrets of the Archives of the Museum of Modern Art'.                                                                                 


WATCH: MoMA's new Film Vault Summer Camp. Every Thursday in August, MoMA are digging into their vaults to stream selections of historic films from the collection, including early silents and rare restorations alongside landmarks of the Dada movement and an Andy Warhol classic.