#PelhamPicks vol 22

Quote of the week


"Women systematically underestimate themselves, and men systematically overestimate themselves, and here we are."

Facebook's Sheryl Sandberg ponders problems and solutions to the gender pay gap.

Media brief

New York’s High Line is partially democratising its commissioning process by asking the public to evaluate 80 proposals from artists such as Nick Cave, Mona Hatoum and Rafa Esparza. The chosen commission will be exhibited on the plinth – a prominent site dedicated to rotating art commissions, reports The Art Newspaper’s Gabriella Angeleti.


  Bristol is set to get a new non-profit arts hub championing Black artists - The Bristol African Caribbean Culture Space based on a boat named Ellen moored in the city harbour. The space is founded by Mena Fombo and Michael Jenkins, the co-founders of the Blak Wave documentary production company.
Edward Enninful the editor-in-chief of British Vogue, talks to Lauren Indvik in the FT about activism, hope, how he’s making a modern, multicultural magazine and the systemic racism encountered in the fashion industry. His issues have celebrated activists and cultural “change makers” and expanded the brand’s historically narrow definition of what is beautiful, stylish and aspirational.   
  Vivienne Chow meets the creatives who are fighting against the new National Security Law in Hong Kong and discusses its impact in The Telegraph“Artistic expression has always been a form of coded communication, be it personal, emotional or political,” says Leung Chi-wo, an associate professor at the City University of Hong Kong’s School of Creative Media. “Considering the implication of personal safety brought by political messages, artists will find a way that they are comfortable with in order to express themselves.”
What's next for the print magazine? Long-time creative collaborators Dan Crowe and Matt Willey are rethinking the status quo, launching a Kickstarter campaign to start a literary publication that eschews advertising altogether. In doing so, INQUE Magazine - which intends to span across art, design and photography - will have an ambitious editorial remit. It already has a stellar line up of contributors, including Hanif Kureishi, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Tilda Swinton and Tom Waits - as reported by Flo Wales Bonner for T Magazine.  
  Last December, the World Economic Forum predicted women around the world will have to wait another two centuries for the global gender gap to fully close. From Billie Jean King to Aditi Rao Hydari, FT Weekend Magazine’s Laura Hughes speaks to eight global trailblazers on speeding up change in the workplace.


Anny Shaw examines the effects of Tate Director, Maria Balshaw’s announcement that over 300 jobs will be cut from the organisation's commercial arm in The Art Newspaper. Following the huge decrease in visitor numbers due to the Coronavirus pandemic, Balshaw has stated that executives did everything they could “to save as many jobs as possible”, but that Tate “simply cannot afford to keep employing as many colleagues as previously”.


Digital News

Challenging the traditional gallery model while nurturing the careers of emerging artists has become the mission of Katharina Wenzel, founder of online platform ARTPIQ. She shares her thoughts with Artnet on creating a fairer industry for young artists through digital innovation and a data-led strategy.  
  Put your money where your mouth is: gallery owners in Chicago have adopted the restaurant reservation service Tock to book in-person visits, reports The Art Newspaper.


Social Media

It may come as no surprise that the artists with the greatest social media followers are Street and Graffiti artists. But what if you want to look beyond the JR’s and Banksy’s of the world - Artsy has found 5 artists to follow that are looking to make their marks.  


Listening Reading + Watching

WATCH: The soothing voice of 1980s art instructor Bob Ross and his series The Joy of Painting “has been the surprise hit of BBC4’s Culture In Quarantine schedule” reports the i Newspaper’s Richard Blackmore. Reruns of his instructional art show have brought in tens of thousands of viewers, with younger audiences also tuning in. Get your Ross fix here.


READ: The Evening Standard’s guide to the best free exhibitions to see in London – with Schoeni Projects ‘street art takeover’ and The Clash: London Calling as highlights.  


LISTEN: In case you missed it – Maria Balshaw talks candidly about her career and experiences as Tate’s first woman Director, as well as her love of protest music on BBC Radio 4’s Desert Island Discs.