#Pelham Picks vol 24

Art Industry News

Quote of the Week


"At first, it looks like a long Excel spreadsheet, then a bit like a war memorial."


Sophie Haigney on the unexpected joy of digital art in The New York Times

Media Brief


With the September issues of fashion magazines considered the biggest of all, this year they arrive at a time of significant social upheaval. Kerry James Marshall paints Vogue’s September issue inspired by ‘Hope’, whilst Amy Sherald immortalises Breonna Taylor for Vanity Fair.

“We know public art is important otherwise it wouldn’t still provoke such debate.” Harper’s Bazaar UK's Ella Alexander argues why, in a world of social distancing, we need public art more than ever, identifying the Folkestone Triennial (the largest exhibition of newly commissioned work presented in the UK) as an opportunity for artists to engage with their surroundings.  
  Love letters from Tupac and a crown worn by Biggie Smalls - just two of the lots from the forthcoming hip-hop memorabilia sale at Sotheby’s on September 15 in New York, reports ARTnews.
The second edition of the Riga Biennial of Art is one of the lone events to draw the art world out of hiding this summer” reports artnet, as Latvia's RIBOCA2 offers a promise of brighter days to come.  
  The Whitney Museum of American Art, New York have rapidly cancelled a planned exhibition surveying activist art made in response to the coronavirus pandemic and Black Lives Matter protests, reports artnet. The move follows several of the featured artists questioning the museums acquisitions via a charity auction.
Kimberly Drew, author of This Is What I Know About Art and the forthcoming Black Futures, writes on “What Museums Should Look Like in 2020” for Vanity Fair.  

"This is the most profound, most wonderful challenge of my career
”. As the British Museum reopens, its director Hartwig Fischer explains his plans for the future, why the museum needs to tell visitors more about colonialism and slavery and why social distancing could offer new opportunities. Via Alastair Smart for The Telegraph.


Digital News

Philips Auction House has used a forecasting model from the financial services industry to create a new software, aiming to predict future stars of the art world. Similar to a stock ticker, Articker data platform trawls the internet to create a real time picture of the position of artists careers - via The Art Newspaper.  


Social Media

  With so many museums closed, art made from the internet, for the internet - such as  “Get Well Soon” by Sam Lavigne and Tega Brain, is creating joy around the world.


Weekend Listening + Reading + Watching

READ: A new book by Rachel Morris explores how amateur archaeologists and collectors were "museum men" who helped map the vast and unknown era of British prehistory, altering our cultural world. Museum Makers by September Publishing is out now.  
  WATCH: Ai Weiwei's “Coronation” (2020) a documentary film about lockdown in Wuhan, China, during the Covid-19 outbreak. Examining the "political spectre of Chinese state control", the film follows temporary hospitals, ICU wards and interviews patients and their families.

: In the final episode of the series, artist Rashid Johnson discusses the cultural experiences that have impacted his life and work on The Art Newspaper’s “A Brush With” podcast.