#Pelham Picks vol 25

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Quote of the Week


'I am an artist from the UK and I've made some work about the migrant crisis, obviously I can't keep the money'


Banksy’s letter to Pia Klemp - the former captain of several NGO boats.

Media Brief


Banksy has financed a boat, named Louise Michel after a French feminist anarchist, to rescue migrants attempting to reach Europe. On Thursday it rescued 89 people in distress.

Writers are using their creativity to find new ways to make money and even launch whole publications, “producing high quality content or those serving a specific niche” as reported in Wired.  
  The Telegraph’s Joshua Neicho discusses the value and resilience of the UK’s Arts centres and multi-purpose venues. With limited reliance on public funding, regional venues foster strong community as well as offering youth employment opportunities.
Who in the arts will survive Covid? Those who are willing to experiment are coming up trumps. The root meaning of the Ancient Greek word “crisis” can be translated as “turning point”. Rupert Christiansen advises in The Telegraph: “This is something we should all bear in mind as we negotiate the pandemic, and the arts in particular should take heed.”   
  Museums are grappling with the ethics of collaborating with state-owned Chinese arts projects reports Christina Ruiz for
The Art Newspaper.

The Art Newspaper reports that following conducting their own “tests” across The National Gallery, The Victoria and Albert Museum and The British Museum; UK museums are not seeing a rush of visitors back through their doors following lockdown. Many museums still have next-day ticket availability.


Digital Media

  Japan-based multimedia collective teamLab are to launch their first European project as the centre piece of Nowhere a new digital art space in Utrecht - via The Art Newspaper.

Social Media

A famous painting by Vincent van Gogh called Café Terrace at Night (1888) and a reinterpretation of the masterpiece by contemporary Chinese artist Haixia Liu have created an unexpected Twitter debate and a series of bizarre memes – via Artnews    


Weekend Listening + Reading + Watching

  WATCH: Documentary maker Afua Hirsch explores the rich cultural histories of Africa through the lens of art and music in her series When Art Meets Power on BBC I Player.
READ: Emma Jacobs' interview with London’s deputy mayor for culture Justine Simons in the Financial Times, discussing how the arts were a lifeline for many during lockdown, and the targeted approach needed to rescue the arts ecosystem in the UK.  
  LISTENCapacity Interactive dissect a massive new survey about the arts in 2020 America with Arthur Cohen, Founder of LaPlaca Cohen.