Chaïm Soutine

Art on This Day
A French painter originally from Lithuania, Chaïm Soutine was born on 13 January 1893. Chaim Soutine is an Expressionist artist that lived and worked in Paris at the height of the modern era. He is one of the most eminent representatives of the School of Paris.
Inspired by classic painting in the European tradition, exemplified by the works of Rembrandt, Chardin and Courbet, Soutine developed an individual style more concerned with shape, color, and texture over representation, which served as a bridge between more traditional approaches and the developing form of Abstract Expressionism.
His innovation was in the way he chose to represent his subjects: with a thick impasto of paint covering the surface of the canvas, the palette, visible brushwork, and forms translated the artist's inner torment.
Soutine interpreted common themes with the eye of an outsider, further enhancing his unique perspective regarding his human subjects, landscapes, and still lifes and lending them a particular vanitas and poignancy.
Soutine's body of work transcends the movements that dominated the avant-garde during his lifetime, expressing a clear personal and artistic vision that both looks back at historic themes as well as toward future modernist styles.
The art dealer Paul Guillaume was one of the first to take an interest Soutine’s painting. It was through him that the American collector Barnes (1872-1951) discovered Soutine, bringing him international recognition.