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£20m puts new spin on historic Piece Hall in Halifax


Often described as the north’s best kept secret, the Piece Hall in Halifax will reopen to the public today after three and half year renovations. Built around 1774, this Georgian building was built by wealthy local merchants for handloom weavers to sell their woollen “pieces” but was made redundant within a few years by the industrial revolution. The Grade-1 listed building was almost demolished in 1972 to make way for a shopping centre. Piece Hall is now an arts venue with independent retailers and bars.
Via: The Times


Trajal Harrell – the dirty dancer voguing his way into history

In his art, American dancer and choreographer Trajal Harrell was influenced by the unusual mix of the voguing balls of Harlem, the hoochie koochie dances of rural America, and the runaway model walk. Exploring the history of dance subcultures has long been Harrell’s obsession. However, as a choreographer, he does not aim at creating historically accurate reconstructions of those dances, describing his choreographies as constructions of his imagination. He discovered vogue in New York when a friend took him to a voguing ball.
Via: The Guardian

The knick-knacks that became great art - Matisse in the Studio, RA, review


The new fascinating exhibition Matisse in the Studio at Royal Academy of Art displays 65 paintings alongside 35 objects once owned by the French artist, showing his life-long affection for his small objects. The exhibition show how his painting was inspired by those everyday objects. The strength of this exhibition lies in its interrogation of the creative process and comes close to bottling the essence of the artist’s creativity.
Via: The Telegraph