Maggi Hambling

Art on this day


Maggi Hambling was born on this day in 1945. Earlier this year she took part in her eighth solo show over the past 20 years at Marlborough Fine Art. Maggi's work is often described as, "a counterweight to the careful irony and self-conscious allusion of much contemporary art, demanding a direct and unmediated encounter with the viewer". 


She studied with Lett Haines and Cedric Morris, attended Ipswich School of Art, Camberwell School of Art and Slade School of Fine Art. In 1980 Hambling was the first artist in residence at the National Gallery. Maggi also won the Jerwood Prize in 1995. Her works a represented in collections worldwide.


Hambling is renowned for her extensive works spanning across the mediums of painting, sculpture, print making and installation although she is best known for her paintings of the sea, portraits, and public sculpture. According the Stephen Fry:
Maggi Hambling belongs to no school but the universal, and to no trend but the individual and authentic.