Pelham Picks

An exclusive look at the most illustrious private views of the week ahead

David Cyrus Smith: The Valerie Beston Artists’ Trust Prizewinner 2015

Marlborough Fine Art is presenting the work of David Cyrus Smith, winner of The Valerie Beston Artists’ Trust Prize 2015.


Now in its tenth year, the Valerie Beston Artists’ Trust was established in 2006 on the death of Miss Valerie Beston, a former director of the gallery, to support artists at the beginning of their careers. The charity is collaborating with the Royal College of Art to award an annual prize to a postgraduate student selected from the degree show. This comprises a studio for a year at SPACE, a financial contribution towards materials, tutorial support provided by the RCA, and an exhibition at the end of the year.


Private View: Wednesday 31 August, 6pm to 8pm 


Abdoulaye Konaté  | Symphonie en Couleur 

Known for his large-scale textile installations, Abdoulaye Konaté’s first exhibition at Blain|Southern will feature all new works, which continue his exploration of formal colour composition. Inspired by the hues found in rocks and minerals, abstract works with subtle gradations of colour and embroidered accents predominate. 


Konaté’s vivid, thought-provoking installations have their roots in his Malian homeland. The materials he uses, woven and dyed cotton, are integral to the country’s culture and by extension, to his practice. ‘I use textiles in the same way other artists use paint, steel or marble - it is my colour palette and medium for artistic expression.’ 


Private View: Thursday 1 September, 6pm - 8pm


‘Documents of Contemporary Art: Information’ with Sarah Cook

The Whitechapel Gallery has organized a talk launching ‘Information’, the latest title in the Documents of Contemporary Art book series, with editor Sarah Cook.

Sarah Cook is a researcher and curator working at the intersections of art, science and digital and electronic media. In this event she is joined in conversation by artist Erica Scourti and artist/writer Tom McCarthy to re-assess information-based art, considering exhibition curation and how artists have investigated information’s materiality, immateriality, overload and post-digital unruliness. 


Talk: Thursday 1 September, 7pm