Pelham Picks

An exclusive look at the most illustrious private views for the week ahead

Gallery 1957 presents Serge AttukweiClottey at 1:54 Contemporary African Art Fair 

Gallery 1957 will be exhibiting the works of Serge AttukweiClottey at their first year at 1:54 Contemporary African Art Fair.  AttukweiClottey is the creator of Afrogallonism, an artistic concept commenting on consumption within modern
Africa, through the utilisation of yellow gallon containers. His exhibition My
Mother’s Wardrobe
 opened the gallery earlier this year. On view at 1:54 are Clottey’s wall-based sculptural installations created through cutting, drilling, stitching and melting found materials. The works are bold assemblages that act as a means of inquiry into questions of form and history.Also included are works from a recent series of charcoal drawings, Sex and Politics.

Booth G31

Opens: Thursday 6th Oct


Hemmerle at PAD London 


German, fourth generation family run jewellers Hemmerle will be returnign to PAD London this year. Presenting their latest creations including a pair of Hemmerle earrings made from brushed bronze combined with Mara Mamba stones, an extremely old  rare variety of Tiger Eye found in the Pilbara region in Western Australia formed during the early stages of the Earth’s history when there was almost no oxygen in the atmosphere. 

Booth A10

Opens: Tuesday 4th Oct 


Louisa Guinness Gallery: The Museum of Artists’ Jewellery; The Curator’s Office

Louisa Guinness Gallery presents a new immersive installation of artist jewellery at PAD 2016. Featuring work by gallery artists Ron Arad, Anish Kapoor, Claude Lalanne and Nic Fiddian Green as well as new work by
Christopher Thompson Royds, Blanca Munoz, Mia Fonssagrives Solow, Stephen Cox and Emily Young. 

The installation will re-create the inner sanctum of a fictional curator. styled as their office-come-archive room. The major pieces will be displayed in cases around the room while the rest of the collection will be found tucked away in labelled and lined archive drawers.

Booth B4


Marlborough Fine Art presents Paula Rego at Frieze Masters

Marlborough Fine Art will present an exhibition of Paula Rego paintings from the 1980’s at Frieze Masters 2016. The exhibition focuses on important works from the ‘Vivian Girls’ series inspired by the Outsider artist, Henry Darger. The ‘Vivian Girls’ were the heroines of Darger’s novels that concerned the adventures of a group of girls living on a planet controlled by evil soldiers. 

Booth C8

Preview: 5th OCT

Opens: 6th OCT


Waddington Custot  presents Manolo Millares at Frieze Masters

Waddington Custot presents the first solo presentation of artist Manolo Millares in London. Millares received international critical acclaim at an early age

and is considered one of the greatest figures of 20th century Spanish art. His black paintings, on display at Frieze Masters are often interpreted as expressions of existential anguish experienced during the period when European society was still coming to terms with the horrors of the
Second World War.

Booth G2

Preview: 5th OCT

Opens: 6th OCT 


Sophia Contemporary at Frieze Masters

Sophia Contemporary Gallery first exhibition at frieze masters will be presenting fifty works of extremely rare Constructivist and Suprematist Russian porcelain and sculptures, drawn from the collection of Vladimir Tsarenkov, the father of Sophia Contemporary’s co-founder Vassili Tsarenkov. Four large-scale works by the American abstract artist Robert Kelly will also be exhibited. His works rational and formal style of painting has been influenced and defined by the Russian Constructivist tradition.

Booth G04

Preview: 5th OCT

Opens: 6th OCT