Pelham Picks

An exclusive look at the most illustrious private views of the week ahead

The Middle - Tom Ellis at the Wallace Collection

In this exhibition at the Wallace Collection, British artist Tom Ellis presents a newly commissioned series of works pairing his enigmatic figurative paintings with self-made furniture. 


Ellis’s artistic practice places paintings and furniture side by side, to create juxtapositions within the gallery space that address and question viewers’ expectations. 


Private View: Wednesday 14th September


John Wesley: The Henry Ford Syndromeat  Waddington Custot Galleries


Waddington Custot presents a solo exhibition of paintings and painted objects by the Los Angeles born artist John Wesley ‘The Henry Ford Syndrome’ refers to the rhythmic pattern of repetition throughout his work. Consistent formal elements combine to create Wesley’s visual formula,  borrowing elements from an American aesthetic taken from photographs, magazines, book illustrations, cartoons and comic strips .


 Private View: Thursday the 15th September


Trust Issues curated by Ryan Steadman at Ronchini Gallery


Trust Issues is a show about the inherent fallacy of today’s mass media.  The artists in Trust Issues upend, confuse or question the integrity of different reproducible medias—from traditional books to website imagery—altering intended meanings through different modes of abstraction. 


The group exhibition is curated by Ryan Steadman and features new work by the Arielle Falk, Samuel Levi Jones, Augustus Nazzaro, Rachel Rossin and Rose Salane.


Private View:  Thursday the 15th September