•  We delivered campaigns for the 300 anniversary exhibitions that reached:

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  • Key Features

  • Citizens of New Orleans, which celebrates its tricentennial this year, will become better acquainted with their city’s namesake through an exceptional loan show at the New Orleans Museum of Art...

    Victoria Stapley-Brown

  •  The painter and conceptual artist is preparing a new work for her first solo show at NOMA

    Jennifer Copley

  • Audience Development 

  •  We arranged a studio visit with Lina Iris Viktor for

    30 of  Friends of Education Patrons

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  • "Pelham was an absolute dream to work with. The teams in London and New York were strategic, reliable, and creative thought leaders, acting as true partners throughout our campaign. With Pelham's assistance, NOMA achieved the results we were hoping for and beyond, and established new, valuable media relationships along the way. I'm so thankful to have had the opportunity to work with this team of experts." 

    Margaux Krane – NOMA, New Orleans Museum of Art