• The first site-responsive exhibition of its kind in Saudi Arabia, Desert X AlUla is an exploration of desert culture. The exhibition is a cross-cultural dialogue between artists from Saudi Arabia and its surrounding region and artists from previous iterations of Desert X in California, taking its cues from the extraordinary landscape and historical significance of AlUla.

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  • AlUla is to be reincarnated as the Kingdom’s star cultural and heritage attraction.

    Vivien Lee, The New York Times

  • "Desert X represents an opening up of the country. Artist Muhannad Shono says: “We have lived our whole lives in this country where our collective stories have been framed by the western media. I urge people to come here and connect with us as individuals"."

    Peter Aspden, Financial Times

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  • "Desert X AlUla was a pioneering initiative in every aspect. Driven by their passion for arts & culture, Pelham contributed to realising the potential and promise of the project, creating visible success across the globe. As a unique site-specific exhibition in one of the most hidden, yet inspiring destinations in the world - AlUla, it became – with the support and efforts of Pelham – a collective adventure centred around cultural dialogue, and a human adventure that could be sensed and experienced by everyone, wherever they were.


    Antony Newton, Communication Director of the Royal Commission for AlUla